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The cure for the pain of EV charging budgets and sourcing

In 2014 there were about one million EV charging stations around the world.

IHS Automotive predicts there will be 12.7 million EV charging stations globally in 2020

There's going to be a massive increase in electric car charging infrastructure, to go alongside the massive increase in electric vehicles on the roads. 

But who is going to run those millions of new charging points? What do all those EV charging stations cost? How are smart businesses going to profit?

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Is your hotel business meeting the needs of work and leisure EV drivers?

Corporate fleets, car rentals and other drivers are switching to electric cars and plug-in hybrids. NextGreenCar reports that there are now over 80,000 light duty electric vehicles on the UK roads alone (2016).

The problem for business people and holidaymakers driving electric cars is range anxiety. They need charging points en route. Electric car drivers will continue to be attracted to the shopping centres, car parks and hotels that offer electric vehicle charging. This is a problem – and an opportunity.

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