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Welcome to Ensto EV Wiki. Here we have categorized EV (electric vehicle), EV industry, and EV charging related terms for you. Because, EV world is filled with abbreviations, terms and acronyms, that can be hard to comprehend at times. Here Ensto EV Wiki will help you. We will keep updating this page, so make sure to bookmark it. That way you have one click access to the most up to date EV information in compact form.

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If you are making an EV charger installation, or if you are working as a subcontractor or EV charging point installer, getting your charging points up and running can be a daunting task. It's important to know what questions to ask, and who is responsible.

What do EV charging point installers do?

Of course, your usage case, EV charging business model, and choice of EV charging station manufacturer, have a big impact on these practical considerations. The regulations in your local area and the need for any permits or inspections can also strongly affect your choice of supplier – and will have a big impact on the budget.

Experienced EV charging point installers are familiar with these questions, but let’s look at some of the basics:

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New market growth. New opportunities.

In the EV charging business, there are opportunities to create customer value directly and indirectly around the growth of the EV charging market, new EV technologies and new demand for residential and commercial EV charging. What are these opportunities, where should you focus, and how can you profit in the EV charging business?



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Major new commercial EV charging network

The Hesburger fast food chain will start to offer retail EV charging to its customers across Finland. Hesburger has selected Chago as their technology partner for EV infrastructure. Chago will deliver a range of easy-to-use, fast and quick chargers and professional services.

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