EPBD electrifies the Electric Vehicle charging – Watch webinar recording

by Matti Rae

Electric Vehicles are becoming increasingly significant in reducing emissions. Bloomberg has estimated that in 2040 some 55% of all new passenger vehicles registered will be electric. That is sooner than most of us think.


To ensure fluent electric mobility, an adequate number of charging stations will be needed. Most of the charging takes place in a parking space of a building, where people spend time and cars are parked. The charge “while working, visiting or sleeping”- concept is the most convenient way of getting one’s car battery topped up with electricity.


Real estate owners can actually contribute to reduction of emissions by offering charging for electric vehicles. Currently this happens as a self-evident part of new building design and renovations.


The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive amendment will give an incentive to be more prepared for the massive deployment of EV’s as it is obliging either installing a charging station or conduits for enabling further installations at low cost.


The directive is going to be implemented in the legislation of each EU member state by 10.3.2020. Watch the recorded webinar to see what the implications are and learn about Electric Vehicle charging.



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Written by Matti Rae

Matti Rae

Matti is Ensto's Regulation and IPR director. He specializes in electric vehicle charging regulations and legislation centered around the topic. He is well established expert in the field and known for his participation in public seminars and presentations.