Electric car charging station setup - In 3 easy to understand steps

by James O'Neill

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Kickstart your electric vehicle charging service


Knowing where to start is crucial, when you are about to launch an EV charging service.

There are a lot of EV charging products out there, we have no shortage of them. For that reason, you should begin your quest for electric car charging station setup, from something more fundamental: from knowing your business location and customers inside out. This essential information, will direct you to the right EV charger and will help you do the electric car charging station set up in a correct manner way.


That is what we are now going to cover, in three easy to understand steps. After which you are qualified to select the optimal EV charger for you, and do the electric car charging station setup in your own unique location. Let’s begin.


Step 1 - Know your "customer’s journey”


No matter how much I would like to tell you, that there is one size fits all electric car charging solution. It doesn’t exist in the market, because every business location and customer group is unique.

In and out type businesses require fast charging. Locations where customers spend more time are fine with more standard charging speeds. Then again, if your business is a combination of these two, you might need to get two different kinds of EV chargers.

 Electric car charging station setup done the right way in large car park

An example of smart use of EV charging in a large car park. Digital advertising can grow your revenue and brad recognition.


These things together, form something that we call a “customer journey”. It stands for the general path your customers go through, when they come to your business location or facility. By knowing this, you can integrate your EV charging service into your customer journey, which will grow customer satisfaction, bring in new customers and keep the old ones coming back time and time again.


In other words, you aim to build a working charging solution, that is so easy and intuitive for your customer to use, that they don’t feel like they are “using” it. It simply works.


So ask yourselfIn order to do my electric car charging station setup the right way, and integrate it with my customer journey…

  • “How long are my customers spending in here” (ie. what charging speed do they require to stay happy)
  • “How many electric car owners am I likely to get here at once” (ie. what is the optimal number of EV chargers for me)
  • “How can I make the use of my EV chargers as easy as possible, for my customers” (ie. what kind of instructions should I attach to my chargers, and where the chargers should be installed)
  • “What is my actual business location, can people for example access city center from here” (ie. will this increase or decrease the number of customers for my core business, be it EV charging, retail or entertainment based)


With these questions you should get the ball rolling. Write down your answers, and progress to step 2. Now, let’s see your business environment in terms of technical requirements and possible competitors.

Step 2 - Know your business environment inside out


Each location is unique in certain ways. You might already have some charging points near you, which means competition, then again, your local area could be totally competition free zone. Or you could have another friendly company nearby, that wants to do a joint venture with you on EV charging, and help you with your electric car charging station setup.


So, let’s dig in and see what your business environment is like.

 Electric car charging station setup - how to start EV charging station

Select that electric vehicle charger, which is cost efficient on your business location.


Whatever your situation, you need to create a coherent EV solution that can survive and be profitable in your business environment. That means your EV charging has to be ready for competition and able to operate within the limits of electrical infrastructure in your area.


To make this happen, ask yourselfNow that I want my electric car charging station setup done the in a profitable way, I want to know…

  • “Is my local EV charging market saturated” (ie. does my local electric vehicle charging market have room for me to enter in, and what is best business model for me)
  • “How can I offer profitable EV charging” (ie. what are other charging service providers doing and how can I cut charging costs)
  • “What is the state of electrical infrastructure available for my business” (ie. can my local electricity systems and the grid handle power demand peaks, that EV charging may create, or do I need to update my electricity infrastructure)
  • “Do I have a risk of charger downtime” (ie. how stable is the inflow of energy at my location)


With these answered, you should be ready to progress into your last step. Which is condensing the information, and creating your EV charging service on paper ready for the set up. Let’s see how that goes.


Step 3 - Combined knowledge


In the steps 1 & 2 you piled up all the necessary information that will help you create your EV charging service on paper. Now, let’s condense that knowledge into a solution.


At first, based on your answers at the step 2, write down and picture the kind of EV charging service you are able to create based on your business landscape. And second, look at your answers to questions from step 1. What kind of EV charging service do your customers require? Write these down and create a combination that includes both descriptions.

 how to start electric vehicle charging service

Each business requires a unique approach to their electric car charging station setup. Find yours by asking the right questions.


Here you are, you have drafted your very own EV charging service on paper. What is left is to see, is who can deliver you your charging equipment and help you with your electric car charging station setup. If you feel you are ready to move ahead and start sending the quote requests for your future EV chargers, you can download our free request for quote (RFQ) template.


In the template, you will find the questions, that you will want answered by your potential EV charger suppliers before you make the purchase. So make sure your EV charging service will become profitable in your own business environment, 100% integrated with your customer journey, and compatible with your electricity infrastructure. Download the request for quote template here.


Do your electric car charging station setup the right way. Ask the right questions from your EV charger supplier with RFQ template

Download a EV charging supplier RFP/RFQ template


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Written by James O'Neill

James O'Neill

James O'Neill is the UK Director for Ensto's EV Solutions Division. Bringing his wealth of experience in Low Carbon Energy products, Public Sector, Retail and Wholesale through Senior Roles within the Mechanical Engineering Sector. A keen Athlete whom has competed at National Level in multiple Sports holding Qualifications across many disciplines such as Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition. Always looking to learn something new he has a real passion for travel furthered by his love of experiencing new cultures.