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Demystifying the most effective EV charging practices

While Ensto is already a seasoned veteran in the EV industry, it’s easy to forget how the landscape of electric vehicles can still be a wild frontier to many. Stepping into the unknown can feel confusing to newcomers, particularly if you are a business provider thinking of implementing EV charging as part of your revenue flow. 

In this blog post I’ll discuss some of the best methods to consider in building an effective and fast AC charging infrastructure, and also explain what these methods mean.

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Building an electric future for European drivers

With more and more emphasis on reaching the EU 2020 target, European governments are giving a significant push for the electric vehicle industry with various subvention programs. For instance France, Netherlands, and Norway have already taken leaps forward by offering substantial governmental EV subsidies. And in April 2016, Germany established an approved incentive scheme of a whopping €1,2bn.

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Poor EV charging execution is a poor excuse

A wise man once said: “Buying cheap is expensive”. That guru must have been driving electric vehicles, as rarely is such wisdom more relevant than in the world of EV infrastructure.

Anyone with experience knows how making sacrifices with EV charging quality is a sure way to damage the operability of their business – be it either in public, semi-public, or commercial sectors. It’s also a fast path to increased costs.

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OCPP advances EV charging standards further with support from OASIS

Good news for EV charging station suppliers, integrators, utilities and associations around the world: A new technical committee from OASIS – the nonprofit consortium that drives development, convergence and adoption of open standards for global information – is standing now behind OCPP in full support.

 The just-announced OASIS OCPP EV Charging Equipment Data Exchange Technical Committee will work to open global markets by enabling any EV charge point to connect with any central system or third-party network service provider, regardless of vendor. Not bad at all.


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Which EV charging partners can make your business a success?

EV charging companies are working in a relatively young industry. There are various EV charging partner models. Different projects with different EV charging infrastructure needs require different stakeholders with the right skills.

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