Ensto EV Charging Blog

Why Electric Vehicles

by James O'Neill

In the world of Electric Vehicles (EV), Charging Points and SMART Grids there are many reasons for you or your business to go EV. It could be a reflection of your brand or meet green credentials, or perhaps your fleet or government are making changes that mean you have to, or indeed benefit from the change….

I want to factor in the Human side and quality of life. Quite simply, we are talking about people losing their lives from breathing issues in major cities due to the pollution.

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It seems like everywhere you look, new industry models are disrupting traditional businesses. First, taxi services felt the pinch from Uber and Lyft. Now the hotel and hospitality industry must compete with AirBnB.

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The world is changing and nearing are the end of days for combustion engines. Car manufacturers are shifting focus to electric vehicles, aiming to someday soon get rid of combustion engines altogether. Some brands, like Volvo, claim they will have a fully electric lineup of cars by the year 2020.

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Demystifying the most effective EV charging practices

While Ensto is already a seasoned veteran in the EV industry, it’s easy to forget how the landscape of electric vehicles can still be a wild frontier to many. Stepping into the unknown can feel confusing to newcomers, particularly if you are a business provider thinking of implementing EV charging as part of your revenue flow. 

In this blog post I’ll discuss some of the best methods to consider in building an effective and fast AC charging infrastructure, and also explain what these methods mean.

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Smart chargers are the key in rescuing EV energy grids

As electric vehicles continue to gain momentum among European drivers, an emphasis on energy supply control has also risen. Let’s take a look at the main cause of EV energy grid overloads, and what needs to be done to avoid them.

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