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Chago’s EV charging stations heading to France via Advenir program

The electric vehicle market is constantly expanding, with France being at the forefront of taking firm initiatives in EV solutions. Subsidies are already in place, and local municipalities have taken a strong, active role in building public EV charging networks to serve EV drivers. And now there is a new program called Advenir.

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EV charging network in Central France takes a quantum leap

Electric vehicle drivers in Centre-Val-de-Loire will be able to enjoy the latest EV charging services. This area of Northern France will now have an extensive, growing, public, region-wide EV charging network, topped with a smooth charging service experience. The complete EV charging network solution is provided by high-end technology companies Chago & Virta.

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Major new commercial EV charging network

The Hesburger fast food chain will start to offer retail EV charging to its customers across Finland. Hesburger has selected Chago as their technology partner for EV infrastructure. Chago will deliver a range of easy-to-use, fast and quick chargers and professional services.

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