Hesburger takes Chago EV chargers and professional services nationwide

by Juha Stenberg

Major new commercial EV charging network

The Hesburger fast food chain will start to offer retail EV charging to its customers across Finland. Hesburger has selected Chago as their technology partner for EV infrastructure. Chago will deliver a range of easy-to-use, fast and quick chargers and professional services.

Chago EV chargers, designed for retail EV charging, including Chago Pro, Chago Station and Chago Power EV charging stations, will be deployed in various locations. The first three restaurants where the retail EV charging service is available are located in Turku, Helsinki, and close to Oulu.

A winning EV infrastructure partnership

Hesburger and Chago are working in partnership with Virta, who provide a commercial back-end system for EV infrastructure. Chago was selected due to our track record as an EV charging station manufacturer and our open approach to smart EV business.

Focus on lower lifetime OPEX cost

Operating costs are a key consideration for any commercial EV charging business. Working together, Hesburger, Virta and Chago developed a cost-effective package of hardware, service and remote management. For customers, Hesburger has an EV charging application that helps make charging fast and easy. Hesburger will also have new opportunities for branding, promotion, and reaching new target audiences with their new EV infrastructure.

New research highlghts that it is important for EV infrastructure owners and EV charger buyers to focus on operating costs. The Aalto University study found: "Over 80% of lifetime EV charger costs are from OPEX". 

You can read more about the research into EV charging networks across Europe in our fact sheet.

Download a factsheet about how to lower your OPEX costs for EV charging networks


Hesburger has selected Chago for EV infrastructure 

About Hesburger

Hesburger is a Finnish fast food chain that covers all of Finland, putting its products within the reach of nearly every person living in the country. In recent years, the successful concept has also gained a strong foothold abroad. Over 400 Hesburger restaurants are already located in seven countries: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

More on this case is available from our partner, Virta 

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Written by Juha Stenberg

Juha Stenberg

Juha Stenberg is the Managing Director of Chago. Possessing a vast experience in senior positions in the intersecting fields of energy and technology, Juha is a leading figure in the Nordic cleantech industry. He has been a member of various energy and technology industry associations, having also served as a governmental policy advisor. Juha travels extensively for work and pleasure and likes to relax by researching his next destination.