Chago EV charging network announced for EneRSIEIL in Central France

by Juha Stenberg

EV charging network in Central France takes a quantum leap

Electric vehicle drivers in Centre-Val-de-Loire will be able to enjoy the latest EV charging services. This area of Northern France will now have an extensive, growing, public, region-wide EV charging network, topped with a smooth charging service experience. The complete EV charging network solution is provided by high-end technology companies Chago & Virta.

A consortium led by EV charging company Ensto Chago has made an agreement with energy syndicate EneRSIEIL on a comprehensive solution to provide charging services for electric vehicles. 

The agreement includes delivering hundreds of smart Chago charging points as well as a top-level operating service platform, provided by Chago’s partner company Virta. Local maintenance and an end user help desk are provided by Hérve Thermique. EneRSIEIL’s contribution to enhancing electromobility is very significant, even up to national level.

Chago and EneRSIEIL already have a history of years of cooperation and this agreement is part of this continuum.

“Ensto Chago has delivered chargers for us for several years already. As electric vehicles become more and more popular, especially in our region, we wanted to enlarge our charging services and raise them to a new level. This is why our new contract includes the charging service solution provided by Virta. It is European and largely used in neighboring countries to France. This allows us to offer an interoperable solution to our charging service users, from the very beginning of the opening of our service”, says Dominique Ménard, General Director, Services at EneRSIEIL.

Chago manufactures its chargers in Vernon, France. Hundreds of Chago EV charging points are already operational in the Centre-Val-de-Loire region and installations are ongoing.

“We are very happy that our cooperation with EneRSIEIL is becoming wider and deeper. We share the same vision: combining smart charging solutions for end user services with low operational costs to make the right, winning solution also in the future”, says Chago CEO, Juha Stenberg.

Chago and Virta have jointly delivered similar comprehensive charging business solutions to several European countries. The infrastructure management and the entire charging service process are operated digitally and automatically from the cloud. From the end user point of view, the focus is strongly on service design, offering EV drivers a smooth and pleasant user experience.

“An intelligent charging system is a key prerequisite for electromobility growth. Services must be easy to use and EV drivers must have relevant information easily at hand. Now, EV drivers in the Tours region have an easy digital user interface for charging with real-time information”, says Virta CEO Jussi Palola.  

A future-proof solution for charging

The business and ecosystem around electric vehicles evolves at a breathtaking pace. Deep knowledge of the industry and a clear vision of its development are prerequisites for ensuring sustainable success in providing charging services.

“This requires that physical devices and operating systems must be future-proof. End users will be active players in the smart energy system and our service design will support this development”, summarizes Palola.

Chago, the EV charging station manufacturer, is part of electronics company Ensto and manufactures electric vehicle charging stations in Vernon, France. 


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Chago and Virta partner for French EV charging network

Further information 

Mr. Juha Stenberg, CEO, Ensto Chago, [email protected] tel. +358 400 575579
Mr. Jerôme Perdu, Sales director, Ensto Chago, [email protected], tel.  +33(0) 6 19 85 51 41
Dr. Jussi Palola, CEO, Virta Ltd., [email protected], tel. +358 50 434 0132

Chago makes EV charging smart business. Our EV charging points and lifecycle services help drivers, companies and the environment by reducing costs and net CO2. Chago is part of Ensto.

Virta Ltd. is an innovative provider of EV charging business platforms. Virta provides a modular scalable turn-key solution for EV charging networks. It enables roaming between networks and all kinds of business models from crowdsourcing of EV-charging to utility-driven EV infrastructure management. Virta customers are owners of charging stations, retailers of charging services, and especially energy utilities who provide services to electric vehicle users.

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Written by Juha Stenberg

Juha Stenberg

Juha Stenberg is the Managing Director of Chago. Possessing a vast experience in senior positions in the intersecting fields of energy and technology, Juha is a leading figure in the Nordic cleantech industry. He has been a member of various energy and technology industry associations, having also served as a governmental policy advisor. Juha travels extensively for work and pleasure and likes to relax by researching his next destination.