Learn how to build a safe EV charging infrastructure with a focus on security

by Juha Stenberg

Creating profitable EV charging business requires smart solutions in security

By now, the readers of this blog are well aware how electric vehicle charging can be a powerful way to improve business – whether it is in public, semi-public or private sectors. But it is one thing to acknowledge this and another to understand how you get there.

So let’s look at the key aspects everyone should focus on when looking to implement EV charging with their business. At the end of the day, this is a really simple 3-step guideline, but boy, is it important.

Step 1) Quality is your friend

Pro-tip: avoid unreliable hardware at all costs. Saving money by opting for the cheapest available option may seem tempting at first, but this philosophy will soon backfire: cheap hardware equals cheap components – thus leading to machinery break downs, extended downtime, and a permanent loss of customers.

I actually spoke about the importance of EV charging quality just recently. For a quick refresh, here’s the link.

"Making sacrifices with EV charger investments is a sure way to damage the operability of business."

Step 2) Services you can rely on

Hardware is one thing, but having the right charging services is just as crucial. Studies show that over 80% of lifetime EV charging infrastructure costs are from OPEX, with maintenance costs going double for lower quality EV charging hardware.

The key is to have remote software updates for easily upgradeable, modular hardware. Industry standard protocol compatibility, such as OCPP, is also a must. This way you can be assured that your charging solution will not only outlast today’s challenges, but it’s also ready for tomorrow.

Step 3) Remember to stay safe

Last but not least is EV charging security. Maintaining a safe EV infrastructure will ease your mind and your wallet: eliminating any breaches in security will not only cut down your OPEX, but also remove risks of identity theft, or damaging your network.

Make sure that you are investing in a solution that is designed from the ground up to provide you with secure EV charging.

At Ensto, we’ve done exactly that. For us, reliability goes beyond mere functionality – it’s a philosophy that entails not only user-friendliness, but also minimizing costs and increasing our customers’ security.

How to start building an EV charging infrastucture?

Check our EV charging supplier request for proposal (RFP / RFQ) template. It will help you handle your suppliers better, increase your EV knowledge, and keep you from losing resources on bad decisions.


Download a EV charging supplier RFP/RFQ template

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Written by Juha Stenberg

Juha Stenberg

Juha Stenberg is the Managing Director of Chago. Possessing a vast experience in senior positions in the intersecting fields of energy and technology, Juha is a leading figure in the Nordic cleantech industry. He has been a member of various energy and technology industry associations, having also served as a governmental policy advisor. Juha travels extensively for work and pleasure and likes to relax by researching his next destination.