Chago and Advenir - Accelerating EV charging solutions in France

by Juha Stenberg

Chago’s EV charging stations heading to France via Advenir program

The electric vehicle market is constantly expanding, with France being at the forefront of taking firm initiatives in EV solutions. Subsidies are already in place, and local municipalities have taken a strong, active role in building public EV charging networks to serve EV drivers. And now there is a new program called Advenir.

Advenir program


Advenir targets the private market, i.e. shopping centres, workplaces, and apartments. A 40% or 50% subsidy goes out to the charging point owner from EV charger and installation costs. The Advenir program aims to roll out additional 12 000 charging points by the end of 2017.

In order to be approved as a qualified EV charging solution provider, Advenir requires smart, energy efficient chargers that follow local certifications. Needless to say, Ensto Chago solutions were found successful and fully approved.

French EV drivers about to become familiar with Wallbox, Pro and Station 

Let’s have a look at the smart Chago products that will soon be familiar to many French EV drivers. First up is the Chago Wallbox.

The Wallbox is an easy to use, long lifetime AC charger for private, semi-public and public EV charging. It’s ideal for installations where the EV charger is connected to a distribution panel. Boasting easy installation, low maintenance costs, high power charging and mode 3 sockets to charge all major EVs, the smart Chago Wallbox is suitable for large installations in car parks, offices, real estates and homes to offer premium charging experiences and smart services.

 Chago Wallbox EV charging

Chago Wallbox


Understandably, there’s also a need for public and semi-public EV charging with emphasis on more demanding environmental conditions. Luckily, Chago Pro and Chago Station are perfect in this scenario.

Built from stainless steel and aluminum for maximal environmental durability, Chago Pro is suitable for all conditions - be it hot, cold, moist or erosive – Chago Pro is built to last. And it features all the appealing traits of the Wallbox: easy to use, low maintenance, high power charging that cuts down big on OPEX. And with solid surfaces, it is ideal for aesthetically pleasing branding: any logo will look good on a Chago Pro.


Chago Pro Ev charging

Chago Pro 


For even more challenging scenarios, there is the stylish elegance of Chago Station. Built from acid-proof steel, the timeless look of Chago Station not only looks great in any public space, it’s also designed to endure the most extreme conditions. With anti-graffiti coating and a protective hatch for charging sockets, Chago Station includes all you need from an EV charging station in a smart, durable package. And once again: easy to use and low maintenance.

 Chago Station EV charging point

 Chago Station


Research shows that 80% of the total lifetime cost of an Electric Vehicle charging station comes from running it.

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Written by Juha Stenberg

Juha Stenberg

Juha Stenberg is the Managing Director of Chago. Possessing a vast experience in senior positions in the intersecting fields of energy and technology, Juha is a leading figure in the Nordic cleantech industry. He has been a member of various energy and technology industry associations, having also served as a governmental policy advisor. Juha travels extensively for work and pleasure and likes to relax by researching his next destination.