Get the right EV charging budget and suppliers with the EV charging RFQ template

by Juha Stenberg

The cure for the pain of EV charging budgets and sourcing

In 2014 there were about one million EV charging stations around the world.

IHS Automotive predicts there will be 12.7 million EV charging stations globally in 2020

There's going to be a massive increase in electric car charging infrastructure, to go alongside the massive increase in electric vehicles on the roads. 

But who is going to run those millions of new charging points? What do all those EV charging stations cost? How are smart businesses going to profit?

What if EV charging is not your core business?

Some of these new EV charging points will come from energy companies, charging businesses and car manufacturers. However, many of these new charging points will be “owned” or “run” by other businesses. Retailers, hoteliers, restauranteurs, councils, tourist boards, and all kinds of offices and workplaces want to offer EV charging for their customers, visitors and staff.

If you are one of these businesses, how can you find the right supplier and make sure all your potential suppliers answer all the right questions?

How do you know if you need a self-managed or managed solution, and do you need integration with your CRM, loyalty scheme or other system?

What criteria should you look for when it comes to performance, reliability and security? 

Research shows that over 80% of the lifetime cost of EV charging stations comes from OPEX

Academic research shows that understanding OPEX is vital. So, how can test if your supplier has a low OPEX solution? How can you ensure that you have future-ready technology and that your operating costs will stay under control?


Get help to plan your EV charging budget for infrastructure

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies, including major brands like IKEA, Disney, McDonalds and many more. We've found that the right documentation, information and advice can shave weeks off the time it takes major companies to get through their sourcing process.

It’s also about mitigating risk. When you ask the right questions from your potential suppliers and partners, you can find, assess and cater for the risk factors that are specific to your business.


Prepare the right EV charging budget with help from the free RFQ template

Chago is offering this document free of licenses or usage restrictions. We are providing this RFQ template with the understanding that it may not be suitable for everyone or for every situation. 

The smart EV charging RFQ template contains building blocks. You can edit the document as you please. Just cut and paste and create your own custom document. Add new criteria or sections from your own material as you wish.


Get the smart EV charging RFQ template now

Let's make every EV charging case a success. Get the RFQ template to learn how to state your requirements, and interpret proposals from your suppliers.

 Download a EV charging supplier RFP/RFQ template 



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Written by Juha Stenberg

Juha Stenberg

Juha Stenberg is the Managing Director of Chago. Possessing a vast experience in senior positions in the intersecting fields of energy and technology, Juha is a leading figure in the Nordic cleantech industry. He has been a member of various energy and technology industry associations, having also served as a governmental policy advisor. Juha travels extensively for work and pleasure and likes to relax by researching his next destination.