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Why Electric Vehicles

by James O'Neill

In the world of Electric Vehicles (EV), Charging Points and SMART Grids there are many reasons for you or your business to go EV. It could be a reflection of your brand or meet green credentials, or perhaps your fleet or government are making changes that mean you have to, or indeed benefit from the change….

I want to factor in the Human side and quality of life. Quite simply, we are talking about people losing their lives from breathing issues in major cities due to the pollution.

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When you switch on the lights at home, or when you pick up your smart phone to Whatsapp that groceries list to your spouse, you probably don´t pay a thought to it. But when it comes to big technological changes in our lives - be it electric light, internet, smart phones, or electric vehicles - one thing that is in common are open standards. 

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The worldwide sales of EVs surpassed 2 million milestone in 2016. It may not sound like much yet, but it was 60% more than in 2015. Decreasing costs, longer battery ranges and an increasing number of charging points is driving now a quick growth of EV adoption.

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It seems like everywhere you look, new industry models are disrupting traditional businesses. First, taxi services felt the pinch from Uber and Lyft. Now the hotel and hospitality industry must compete with AirBnB.

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The Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Market is changing fast and Ensto like the ‘A-Team…Loves it when a plan comes together!’

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